DNA Vaderschap



Three Ways to Order a Paternity Test

Option 1: you request the Paternity DNA Collection HomeKit

Order the free Paternity DNA Collection Kit by priority mail. The kit contains everything you need to take the samples from the test participants, and to send them to the laboratory.

Option 2: we verify the identity of the participants

Make an appointment by phone or e-mail. The test participants will be invited to the laboratory for sampling. The identity of the test participants will be verified and recorded.

The report will contain the identity data and document the link between the results of the DNA test and the identity of the people that were tested. This test can be used for legal purposes.

Option 3: Do-it-yourself analysis request

For urgent results, or in order to stay completely anonymous, you can collect your own DNA samples, and send them to the lab for analysis. Use a clean Q-tip to scrape some saliva from the inside of the cheek of each test participant. Make sure that every sample only contains DNA from one single person and package the samples separately to prevent cross-contamination (read more on how to collect samples). Label each sample, indicating whether it contains DNA from the child or the alleged father. Include the analysis fee with the samples and label the envelope with an identification code of exactly 8 alphabetic characters ('A'-'Z'). Download, print and fill out the order form. Send everything to: Life-ID, Technologiepark 3, B-9052 Zwijnaarde (BELGIUM).
   The DNA test results will be made available on a hidden web page only accessible with your secret 8 character password.

The analysis report will only mention whether the test was positive of negative, together with an interpretation of the results. Obviously, no personal information is shown. No DNA profile info will be released, nor will any such information remain in our files.